This coming monday Megan Healey will be guiding a Kundalini meditation practice using the power of the Gongs.

Monday evenings were usually “my gong meditation time”. I loved that hour of reflexion with friends. I loved the vibrational bath that left me renewed and strangely quiet. My meditator friends loved it too. That is why I kept doing it for almost 2 years. But if there is something “unchangeable” in life is that life changes, all the time. My family’s schedules changed and I have to follow suit. But apparently, the Universe still wants the Gongs to keep playing!  At the precise time that I had made the decision to do the Gong meditation only once a month (I’ll expand on that on another post) a kundalini yoga teacher friend of mine (Megan Healy) approached me to see if I would be open to do Gong meditations in the kundalini tradition!

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient powerful yoga tradition that have vibration, sacred sound, as a main block in their practice. They use the gongs in their classes, they chant and use breath work. So, of course I said YES! Thank you!

Megan will lead the Kundalini Gong meditation 3 mondays of the month and I will do the Planetary Gong Meditation one Monday a month. This once a month Planetary Gong will be expanded to include a Shared Group Acupuncture… more on that later.

Please, welcome Megan and explore that ancient sound meditation with her. And let me know…I’ll love to see your feed back, what that meditation moved within you.