Free Ohm Set of Tuning Forks with 2 hour Introductory SOUND HEALING CLASS

Free Ohm Set of Tuning Forks with 2 hour Introductory SOUND HEALING CLASS


This Sound Healing Introductory Class will shed light and get you started in the world of Sound Healing.

Saturday January 23rd 2021  3pm to 5 pm

This introductory class is for:
Those individuals that are attracted to Sound Healing and want to explore it.
Individuals that want to explore efficient and safe tools for their own family and personal healing.
Health professionals of any modality that want to incorporate Sound Healing in their repertoire.

The class fee includes a set of 2 high quality Acutonics Ohm forks and an acuvator (value $170 and $28.00 plus shipping).



Listening to Ohm Tuning Forks

The use of Sound Healing has grown exponentially in the last years. We have all heard terms such as relaxing music, sound healing, Mozart Effect, sound bath, crystal bowls, didgeridoos and tuning forks, in relationship to healing.  To complicate things, there are multiple varieties of tuning forks in the market; which ones to use? How to use them? Do they really work?

If you have ever wanted to explore Sound Healing but felt daunted by all the confusing information, or by the prospect of a 3 day class:

This is the ideal INTRO class to sort  those questions out and get a clear view of what Sound Healing and the Acutonics modality is all about.

In this 2 hours workshop you will get answers BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, instructions on the practical application of the forks, because, what is theory if we cannot use it?

At the end of the class you would have learnt SAFE basic techniques on how  to  use the forks for basic self treatments and basic techniques to help those around you.

The class Registration fee includes a set of Acutonics Ohm tuning forks (valued 170$) plus a leg acuvator to activate the tuning forks (valued 28$).

Sign up for the class and feel the magic of Sound Healing!

Once you register, please send us your address to have your forks sent.

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