Finally after two years of dreaming and planning we are here.  Our first stage, an NSEV class in Katmandu. Over the last 3 years since I was last in Katmandu working with AWB, I  had kept in touch with a few doctors. They organized a class for a group of professionals and here we are! Bringing Dan Nevel’ s 8 extraordinary vessel teachings to the other part of the world! If  I may say so…the class went great! We are now connected through the teachings to a wonderful group of people, the lineage continues. Today, the 30th, we continue to the main part of the mission, Upper Mustang. We will be accompanying Tulku Tsori Rimpoche to a monastery in Upper Mustang and setting up a health camp there lending a hand to the local health workers and treating and training as much as we can.

please, send prayers our way! We will do the same Your Way!