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  • This Sound Healing Introductory Class will shed light and get you started in the world of Sound Healing. Saturday January 23rd 2021  3pm to 5 pm This introductory class is for: Those individuals that are attracted to Sound Healing and want to explore it. Individuals that want to explore efficient and safe tools for their own family and personal healing. Health professionals of any modality that want to incorporate Sound Healing in their repertoire. The class fee includes a set of 2 high quality Acutonics Ohm forks and an acuvator (value $170 and $28.00 plus shipping).
  • To navigate my worlds, the outside and the inside worlds, I have been using the tools taught to me by my dear teacher Dan Atchison-Nevel. These tools are the understanding and the living of the ancient 8 Extraordinary Vessels in the NSEV lineage (Non Somatic Extraordinary Vessel), tools that I want to share with you in this class.


    If you took my Acutonics classes, you are already familiar with this transliteration of the 8 extraordinary vessels (NSEV) since that is the perspective and the vision that I teach. But we never have enough time to go deeper into it. Too much information!! And that is why I have decided to teach this Introduction to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels from the NSEV lineage perspective, as a separate class. This class is an ACUTONICS ELECTIVE for the Acutonics Practitioner Certification.

    The student needs to have taken a Level 1 Acutonics Class.


    In this time together, we will explore these 8 primordial energetic fields and the influence they have in all aspects of our lives. We will explore their Vibrational signature and how to work with them with Sound Tools, specially with Acutonics Tuning forks.

    I have been teaching this 8 Extraordinary Vessels (NSEV) since 2014 to students in the USA and most importantly, bringing these teachings to remote rural regions all over the world with the team of the non-profit organization that I co-founded, The Wu Project.

    Class will take place January 30th, 31st and February 1st 2021 using Zoom

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